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    Comments from some of our customers who experienced improvements when using uni products.


    Superior performance in all directions

    Multidirectional conveyance: Ball design allows your goods to be conveyed or transferred
    in any direction.

    The uni QNB Ball belt has 1.550 balls per square meter. This provides the belt with optimal flexibility of movement. The belt has integrated ball support and closed top.

    Construction – Built to run stronger, longer and cleaner.

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    More technical information can be found in the technical manual »

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    UltraFit Two-Part Sprocket System

    Time-saving and cost-cutting innovation: NEW UltraFit Two-Part Sprocket System.

    Sprockets are crucial components in belt systems, and replacing them can cause downtime. At Ammeraal Beltech, our drive to create innovative solutions, that reduce maintenance costs and downtime, has led to the development of the UltraFit Two-Part Sprocket System with interchangeable adapters.

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